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Mafna Air Technologies Products 

AHU with Supply & Return
AHU with Vestibule
Air Column Unit
Air Terminal Unit
Boiler Room-Mechanical Room Unit
Chilled Beam Unit
Coil Enclosure
Computer Room Air-conditioning Unit
Dessicant Dehumidification Unit
Direct Expansion (DX) Unit
Direct Gasfired Unit
Electric Heating Unit
Explosion Proof Unit
Fan Coil Unit
Fluid Cooler Unit
Heat Wheel Heat Recovery Unit
Hot & Cold Deck Multizone Unit
Indirect Gasfired Unit
Integral Heat Pump Unit
Lab/Fume Exhaust Unit
Multi Splits Multi Sections Unit
Multi-Fan / Multi-Ax System
Neutral Air Unit
Plate Exchanger Heat Recovery Unit
Pool Dehumidification Unit
Pump Package
Restricted Space & Compact Design Unit
Solvent Recovery Unit
Vane Axial Fan Air Handling Unit
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